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Specialist Boatbuilders of Luxemotor Dutch Barges, Wide Beam River Barges and Narrowboats

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Simply beautiful….
When any of these wide beam barges cruise the waterways of Europe they will be a testament to British workmanship.

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Our ongoing development program linked together with the close contact of our owners and dealers across Europe is allowing us to further refine our reputation as outstanding wide beam boat builders - boat by boat.

First ever winners of the John Beadsmore Award for excellence in broad beam boat building - our experience dates back to the 1970’s – you have already made your first decision to find out what makes Delta Marine Services so special.

 I hope your next decision will be to join the growing number of people who already enjoy the luxury of ownership.

I am confident that once you have done your rounds of the other boat building companies you will feel the same way.

Our very latest Luxemotor Dutch Barges are in production right now at Nelson Lane, Warwick. Viewing is strictly by appointment only

 – Garry Ward

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