Narrowboat Builders

Delta Marine Services have been building traditional style narrowboats since the company was formed in 1984. The narrowboat today is a direct descendant of the working boats that plied the English canal system from its creation in 1765. The hull shape has undergone two hundred and fifty years of refinement to create a boat that can slice through the water with the minimum of fuel consumption.

Today we continue to develop this long tradition of efficiency, combined with quality materials and the Delta Marine standard of craftsmanship.

We can build a narrowboat to any length or style and with whatever gauge of steel the client requires. Our narrowboats are all constructed from shipbuilding 43A grade steel and typically have 10mm thick base plate, 6mm sides and 5mm superstructure.

We protect all the steel with zinc phosphate anti corrosion primer, the hull with International two-pack epoxy resin and the upper coachworks are in synthetic coach enamel high gloss. Each boat is fitted with all the necessary equipment including sacrificial anodes for its cruising waters.

The finish and decor are an opportunity for the client to create an individual and highly personal creation whilst retaining traditional designs, patterns and motifs.

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