Widebeam Boat Builders

Delta Marine Services have constructed a great variety of steel wide beam boats for the continental waterways and larger British rivers. Every Delta Marine Services wide beam is unique and built to the client’s individual requirements and taste.

This allows each client to realise their own personal vision of the finished project whilst utilising the expert help, advice and experience we place at their disposal.

Quality and finish have been Delta Marine’s utmost concern since the company was formed in 1984. We do not believe in mass producing boats. The meticulous attention to fine detail and hours of craftsmanship throughout construction come together to make each of these craft elegant and very special. These barges represent the leading edge in luxury inland waterways vessels.

Each design is typically based on a traditional cargo vessel such as the Dutch Luxemotor, Dutch Tjalk, Thames sailing barge or a wide beam version of the classic British Narrowboat, although we can build to any design and to any size.

The skill in our brushed paintwork is reflected in the characteristic shine and smooth finish.  Delta Marine Services refuse to use cheaper low quality paints. As standard practice, the steel hull is coated in zinc phosphate anti-corrosion primer with finishing coats of International two-pack epoxy resin to the lower hull and synthetic coach enamel to the upper coachworks. Non-slip surfacing is applied to the gunwales and cabin roofs.

Every craft can be tailored to the client’s individual technical requirements and cruising ambitions. Each barge can be fitted with a bow thruster to complement the main drive system with a choice of engines, a selection of modern navigational devices in addition to the mandatory lights, horn and other equipment.

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